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Complete feed is easy and ready to use

Feed intake is optimal since size and texture are designed for easy consumption per phase and age of the animals. Feed conversion is maximal and predictable, thanks to high feed intake, tailored nutrition per phase and the high-quality feeds leading to uniform and predictable growth.  Depending on the weight and growth phase  we support you to determine how much to feed per day. With Koudijs complete feed you are ensured of efficient growth and optimal body weight.

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High quality feed for the best growth

The quality of the feed is the highest possible thanks to the way we purchase, analyse and treat the raw materials and ingredients entering our state-of-the-art factory. The feeds are produced according to modern production technologies and the latest nutritional norms.

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At-a-glance benefits

Many loyal and satisfied farmers around the world have benefited from our complete feeds and feed components for more than 100 years.

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Continuous refinement and improvement through Research & Development

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Consistent, predictable and positive results through quality management

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