Every poultry farm has its own unique combination of breed, housing, climate and management. Furthermore, every business has its own objectives. Well-balanced rations are absolutely essential if each flock is to achieve maximum yield. That is why Koudijs creates customised concepts and feed (concentrates and complete feed) that take into account all the factors listed above. Our poultry experts play a key role in this.

Our motivation and on-the-farm approach ensure that our recommendations and feed are fully tailored to your specific situation. We have only one focus: to achieve the optimal result for our customers. Because when our customers do well, so do we!

Our wide range of nutritional products includes concentrated feed and complete feed intended for poultry in specific rearing and production phases, as well to reach specific goals:

To get a good overview of our locally (under Dutch Quality standards) produced Concentrate assortment please download our brochure here. To get the best out of ou products farmers have to take care of a proper mixing. For that reason this brochure also contains the mixing instructions of our KBSC35, KBC35, KLC25, KLC50, PIG FEED, KLC5 and KLC20.

Complete Feed

Our complete feed products give you the benefit to provide your animals always with a stable and well-balanced product. You are not dependent anymore on fluctuating raw material quality and prices. Koudijs guarantees a stable product during the years with good availability. This will make your birds perform better.

Download the complete feed brochure here