Koudijs Ghana partner with WARC Africa for raw material sourcing

13 September 2022
1 minute

Today we have built on the foundation for a further collaboration between WARC Africa and Koudijs Ghana Ltd with a support from our mother company Royal De Heus in the Netherlands.

Our mutual goal is to build a sustainable raw material supply chain in Ghana. WARC is specialized in training and helping farmers in Ghana to further enhance their production of crops and creating value in small communities in Ghana. Koudijs is specialized in training and helping animal husbandry farmers to further enhance their production.
Together we try to create a profitable business for all farmers in the supply chain, from maize farmers to poultry farmers.

Making the difference in farmers’ lives

Together with WARC Africa we are confident that we will achieve the challenging goal of sourcing more than 50% of Koudijs’ raw material usage locally by 2025.