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Profitable and professional poultry farming with Koudijs

The key to good quality and efficient poultry meat and egg production is to ensure your chicks have a solid start, following by the right nutrition strategy in combination with good farming conditions. The right nutrition strategy means that you feed your birds exactly what their bodies require at each phase of their productive life. 

At Koudijs we know which nutrients a growing and developing birds need under your farming conditions. Feed intake, good feed conversion at the most efficient input costs ensure maximum profitability. This is the basis for the design of the poultry product ranges- available as complete feeds or as concentrates. 

Keep your birds healthy with CoolCare

Heat stress affects the health and performance of your flocks leading to lower production and financial losses. The CoolCare solution is developed to predict and recognize heat stress, and to support you with farm and feed management advice reducing heat stress for your birds.

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Poultry research

The aim of the poultry research done by Koudijs is to offer the best economic and technical solutions for the different breeds. Taking animal health, uniformity, and the quality of your end product into account. The balance between input, management and output is supported by a number of feed-solutions available for your farm.