As a modern egg producer, you aim for high-quality eggs that serve your customers' needs. Under optimal conditions, a modern layer produces over 95% during peak production. This means more than 310 eggs per hen over a 76-week period.


You are focused on achieving the highest technical results at the lowest possible production costs. This requires high-quality nutritional products that fit your layers’ needs perfectly. That is why we have developed highly specialised feed solutions for layers. We have also developed specific rearing feed to optimise the performance and persistency of layers.

Koudijs offers you revolutionary complete feed solution (ready to use) and the well-known concentrates. Both developed for the specific local circumstances.

The complete feed gives you the benefit to provide your animals always a stable and well-balanced product, independent of local raw material quality available. Koudijs guarantees a stable product during the years with good availability. The complete feeds are produced in Ghana (Tema) and under strict Dutch quality formulations which are a worldwide standard. This will make your birds perform even better. Download here the complete feed brochure.


  • Better egg quality and taste
  • Sustainable and persistent production 
  • Higher revenue due to optimal technical results.    

For basic information about our layer feed solutions, please have a look at our brochure.

For the feeding norms and advices of our layer and layer rearing solutions please contact our office in Tema. For free flock charts you can also contact the office or click here to download them.